Thursday 2 August 2012

FATTBurger at The Sun and 13 Cantons, Soho

FATTburger is currently in residency at The Sun and 13 Cantons in Soho, having previously popped up for several months in Dalston, and it's yet another another burger concept to hit the streets of Soho this summer.
Double Piggy FATTburger
Double Fatt Piggy burger
Having had a weekend where I'd popped into Burger Bear, and missed out on Burger Breakout, it was a Monday lunchtime when I popped into Soho to sample the Fattburger wares with trusty #teamburger regular Alex (@eatingsoho). 


Original Fattburger - £6.50
Double Fatt Piggy burger - £9
Fries - £2.50
Onion rings - £1.50


Arrived canteen style on a plastic tray with a couple of nice touches - a FATTburger tray slip and stamped paper burger bag. Blue enamel-edged bowls for the skinny fries and onion rings are reminiscent of Honest Burgers in Brixton. And the double Piggy Fatty burger gets its own tray as it doesn't fit in the normal wrapping. All in all an impressive looking plate of food, but it took 45 minutes to arrive out of the kitchen. 45 minutes on a Monday lunchtime where we were the first customers to order food...odd.
Original Fattburger - served in its paper packet. 


Stacked up in this great looking Double Piggy FATTburger are the following: a pile of crispy, streaky bacon was loaded on top of, and in-between the double patties and it was great, couple that with loads of melted (but very mild) cheddar cheese, avocado, tomato, shredded lettuce and roasted garlic mayo and you've got a cracking set of toppings. The down point were the great chunks of onion scattered in a slapdash fashion across the bun
An out of focus double Fatt Piggy burger
An out of focus double Fatt Piggy burger


The meat, to be honest, was a bit of a let down. First off, it's NOT cooked to order, as the burger patties are minced off-premises. Second, the cuts and composition are unknown (even to the chefs running it), all they know is it's a mix of 35 day aged beef from Lake District Valley Farm, and judging by how lean the beef is, I would says it's light on the chuck. The meat did have a good, aged flavour, but it was heavily over-seasoned (and I like my seasoning), coupled with the salty bacon, and the fact the patties were thin, 120-130g jobs, it was TOTAL sodium chloride overkill.
The Fatt Piggy bite-through
The Fatt Piggy bite-through


Bun. Standard Miller's on the double piggy, excellent as always. Bread Factory on the original fattburger which was in Alex's words " a bit bready".

Deconstructing a Fattburger
Deconstructing a Fattburger


Aside from the house tommy k in a greasy spoon-style container, the skinny fries were good, crisp and crunchy, but again massively salty. The real gem, however, were the onion rings, which were awesome. Crisp and dry with a great, almost salt and pepper squid lovely crusty/floury batter with chilli flakes - amazing value

Overall rating: 7/10

This makes me sad :( I was hoping for another great burger experience, and had received lots of great feedback from various burger lovers, but I had a distinctly average experience with this burger. I'll probably be back to see how they are settling in (they are pretty central, after all, but there are better burgers to be had close by which would get my vote over this.

Did you enjoy it? Why not tell me what you think of FATTBurger in the comments box below.

FATTBurger @ The Sun and 13 Cantons

21 Great Pulteney St   
London, UK W1F 9NG

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  1. I'd agree with you on this wholeheartedly, the burger I had (piggy single) wasn't a terrible burger, but not good enough to compete with the best of the burgerati in London.

  2. Tried it out and very dissappointed. The meat was really firm, cooked medium, not juicy, a bit of a hammy taste to it, really not pleasant. Cheese no flavour and personally I would of liked a bit of tangy sauce or something on it as garlic mayo doesn't cut through enough.

    It looks good but fails to deliver and at £9 for a fat piggy I don't think I'd be back.

    On a side note the menus were filthy & sticky. The whole thing feels like somebody has jumped on a burger bandwagon but missed the point.

  3. Nick Andrews29 August, 2012

    Agree, I left underwhelmed...

  4. Nick Andrews29 August, 2012

    Quite right - just not a great experience at all...


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