Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pitt Cue Co: Is it a burger or a meat sandwich?

Pitt Cue Co is a BBQ joint. 

You've probably heard about it from people much more BBQ-y than me. I was here for one sole purpose - to get my chops around the monster that is The Big Ode.

This was my first meat hit for the evening, as I later took on MEATMarket in Covent Garden for their amazing Black Palace Burger.

For £15, here is what you get:
  • Glazed brioche bun
  • Pickles
  • Pickled cabbage
  • 'House' hot and smokey sauce
  • Smoked brisket
  • French dipped middle bun
  • Smoked 'house' sausage
  • Pulled pork

So, is it a burger or a meat sandwich?

Whatever it is, it's enormous, and it's truly glorious.

For more information about great BBQ in London - take a look at my article for Groupon:

Pitt Cue Co on Urbanspoon


  1. OMG! That's amazing. Please say this is a new menu item rather than a once off special - I want!

  2. Burgeracblog18 May, 2012

    Tried to sample one the other day but it's a sometime special as opposed to a full time menu option. BOO! One day though the BignOde will be mine....

  3. Christ that looks amazing!


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