Wednesday 30 May 2012

Cheeseburger jerky, anyone?

Just last week something rather interesting dropped through my letterbox - jerky. 

What, you ask yourselves, is Hamburger Me to do with a pack of jerky? Well, it just so happens this jerky is cheeseburger jerky. CHEESEBURGER FLAVOURED JERKY, PEOPLE!
Cheeseburger Jerky from Billy Franks
Cheeseburger Jerky from Billy Franks

Sent from the office of Mr William Yates, under the name of Billy Franks: Gourmet Jerky Snacks, is a vacuum packed 40g bag of jerky.

British Beef makes cheeseburger jerky - no additives needed!
British Beef and a host of other ingredients make the cheeseburger jerky - no additives needed!

Moist chunks of cheeseburger jerky ready for consumption
Moist chunks of cheeseburger jerky ready for consumption
So, how did it taste? 

MEAT WIN! It's very, very good. The pieces of jerky were chewy but succulent, clearly retaining a good deal of moisture in the drying process. To paraphrase Brendon Fraser from The Mummy "it's still...gooey". 

The first tastes that hit are the pickles and mustard, followed by the softer american cheese, all supported with a backbone of beefiness. It's a snack that nostalgically takes me back to eating McDonalds happy meal cheeseburgers when I was younger - but made with quality prime british beef - and it's the meat snack version of crack. Now I'm off to get some more.

It's £2.99 a pack from the Billy Franks website, so go buy some, but be quick, it's only on special until the end of June!


  1. Was just about to order a packet but the delivery for a single packet was £2.70 so I abandoned it! Looks good though!

  2. Good news - they've sorted out their postage and packing, it's now just £0.90 for two packs :)

  3. Hi Kavey - yes with Royal Mail's new price policy and increases 0-750g parcels are ALL flat rated at £2.70 so for a while we had to use that.

    Good news we have now built in a weight scale for 1st class letter evnvelopes  and have charges set out accordingly, starting at just 90p up to 100g...


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