Sunday 29 April 2012

Advance Preview: The Chilli Queen from Byron

Byron's founder, Tom Byng, knows his burger shit. 

I'll explain.

I was invited to join a preview of the upcoming 'Byron Chilli Queen', a special collaboration burger between Byron and Fred Smith - famed for his burgers at the Admiral Codrington in South Kensington, in celebration of the Queen's Jubilee this summer. 

Byron have a history of producing excellent special burgers on their menus - the Uncle Sam was so popular Byron almost added it to their menu. And Fred Smith...well Fred Smith can do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to burgers, so to say I was pretty excited about this one, would be an serious understatement...

The Byron Chilli Queen burger
...and I wasn't disappointed.

Here's the science bit:
  • Byron burger patty (these come medium as standard - mine cooked medium-rare)
  • Soft, toasted, egg-glazed burger bun
  • Butter fried green chillis
  • 2 x slices American cheese
  • Chipotle mayo
  • Shredded iceburg

Byron Chilli Queen burger cut-through
It was, simply put, magnificent. 

All the elements combined perfectly, soft bun, gummy American cheese, butter fried green chillies, medium-rare well-seasoned patty, shredded iceberg lettuce, all top and tailed with a fantastic chipotle mayo. A very rare silence fell over the gathered group as chat was replaced with a revered nomming. 

This is an excellent example of a burger that doesn't need to be over-engineered to hit the spot.
Chipotle mayo cheese fries
Notable beyond the burger were the chipotle cheese fries (not on the Byron menu...yet), and Byron hamburger's collaboration with Camden Brewery to produce the Byron Pale Ale (it's awesome). A big thank you to Tom and team for hosting a great evening, and giving me yet another burger to rave about!

Burgers like this make my life very easy. I'm pretty sure if her majesty ate Chilli Cheeseburgers, then this would be her burger of choice. Get your ass to Byron during May and have shove one in your face, you won't regret it. 
Byron's Chilli Queen Special runs from 3 May - 5 June and costs £8.75.

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  1. Had the Chilli Queen @1 New Change, tasted brilliant, chilli very subtle (possibly too subtle), bun wasn't glazed though, just a floury bap.


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