Tuesday 7 February 2012

Steak+ scores a C minus - 73 Grays Inn Road

Location: On 73 Grays Inn Road, that's the slightly dilapidated bit near to Andrew's, the greasy spoon caff that sets hearts and pulses racing with the amazing one-off BurgerMonday events run by Daniel Young, sits Steak+

Either side of the door as you enter sit glorious buffets - on the left a salad buffet boasting about 15 different salads from mixed leaves to roasted aubergine and yoghurt, and . The decor is predominantly far eastern, ornate chairs sit mis-matched around tables, and pictures of eastern landmarks adorn the walls. It's quirky, and I quite enjoyed it.

Cheeseburger and chips - £5.95. This also included complimentary garlic pita bread, cheese cornbread, and an entree plate of three types of salad.

Unique. I'm not sure I've ever had a cheeseburger presented to me with a cocktail umbrella sticking out of it. Or one surrounded by caramelised, sliced courgette. Clearly there continues to be a first for everything. 
The Steak+ burger knows how to party...
Inoffensive. There was nothing in the toppings that was terrible. Toppings consisted of mellow burger relish layered on a slice of tomato, leaf of lettuce and slice of mild cheddar cheese, but there was nothing to make them stand out either. Pretty average performance, but it's not going to get your tastebuds tingling. Cheese was unmelted, and too mild to have any impact.
Ok. The main thing this patty had going for it was juiciness. It saturated the bottom of the bun and ran freely when squeezed, as the cut-through below demonstrates. And it was cooked medium rare-ish, though this was inconsistent across the patty. Sadly however it was under seasoned and, well, a bit tasteless. 
Steak+ burger: A juicy patty doesn't necessarily mean a tasty patty
Bun Fail. Put simply this is the kind of bun that shouldn't be put on burgers. Dry and untoasted, it simply fell apart.
Steak+ burger cut-through - the cracks in the bun begin to appear.

Tip top. The chips were big wedges of perfectly fried potato (fried in squeaky new fresh oil) and I couldn't fault the generosity of all the accouterments - triple salad starter, garlic pita bread, and cheese cornbread.
Overall: 5/10

This managed a 5/10 predominantly through the generosity of the accessories, and the inoffensiveness of the burger in general. Oh, and I gave the presentation the benefit of the doubt. I won't be back to Steak+ for the burger, but I may well be back for steak, and if I fancy a belly-busting lunch for £6-£10. 

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