Sunday 26 February 2012

Hamburger Deliverance

I was approached on Twitter the other day by an interesting-looking purveyor of food, asking whether I had previously had the opportunity to sample their burger wares, by the name of Deliverance. I spoke to a couple of people who made some positive noises about this upmarket takeaway company, and promptly acquiesced to a lunchtime delivery goody bag.

Deliverance have kitchens dotted around London in Farringdon, Canary Wharf, Shepherd’s Bush, Battersea, Wimbledon, and Herne Hill, and deliver a range of food from categories such as Indian, Italian, Thai, and American Grill. 

I didn't know what my goody bag was going to contain, but when it arrived I loved how it wrapped in simple, boldly designed packaging, emblazoned with the letter D.

Deliverance packaging
My burger trio from Deliverance
Before I get stuck into this review, I wanted to give you a little insight into what goes into the Deliverance beef burger. The patty is made from 100% British beef in rough proportions of 50% chuck and 50% steak trim. The burger buns are malted and multi-seed, made by the Montana bakery outside London, and ingredients include sourdough starter. Deliverance char-grill their buns before composing their burgers. With all this in mind, I ripped open the wrapping to my burger presents like an overexcited child at christmas.

First up was the Peri Peri Chicken Burger, which retails at £9.70. This is wrapped in a soft, seeded granary bun, and contains a chargrilled chicken breast smothered with peri peri sauce, underneath sits a bed of lettuce and a slice of beef tomato. This burger is a moist, spicy, chargrilled bad boy and really rather delicious.
Deliverance Peri Peri Chicken Burger
Deliverance Peri Peri Chicken Burger bite through
The second burger to be unwrapped was the Pancetta & Farmhouse Cheddar Burger, coming in at a princely £10.50. I was very excited by this, as regular readers of this blog know I'm a massive fan of bacon cheeseburgers (just check out my list of best burgers in London). On unwrapping, the immediate thing that hit me was how much this burger smells like a BK whopper with its chargrilled aroma, but with a souped-up taste. This burger also sports a dense, seeded bap.
Deliverance Pancetta & Cheeseburger
On closer inspection the composition was slightly odd. Top bun and sauce intercepted by a layer of seemingly impenetrable iceberg lettuce sheets, before the melted cheese and pancetta topped the patty, underneath which rest several slices of beef tomato. The burger was cooked medium/well (which I guess is inevitable when sending on a delivery bike and ensuring it's still hot when it arrives). The loosely packed, coarsely ground beef was well seasoned, and the whole burger was held together well within the dense bun. This burger remained impressively moist, and I admit to fearing some drying out would occur en route, but I'd have preferred the cheese and bacon to have more character, they were both too softly flavoured, and the char-grilling dominated.
Deliverance pancetta and cheese burger  bite through
The third burger I unwrapped was an Indian Lamb Burger, priced at £10.70. Again, a great, spicy smell wafted from the greaseproof wrapping. This one consisted of spicy, succulent lamb, cucumber riata, beef tomato and lettuce, wrapped up in that same, dense sourdough seeded bun.
Deliverance Indian Lamb 
Of the three, this burger was the surprise winner for me. The succulent lamb and the light yet complex spices, all came together in a beautifully moist package (not a euphemism). 
Deliverance Indian Lamb Burger bite through
Also included in my wrapped up parcel of goodness were two portions of chips, one with tomato sauce (not Heinz, but a deeper tomato-y homemade version which was quite good) and garlic aioli (deliciously garlic-y) dips. Deliverance apparently sell more than 45,000 portions of these a year, and I can see why!
Proper chip shop chips from Deliverance
Lamb burger: 8/10
Chicken burger: 7/10
Pancetta Cheeseburger: 6.5/10 

I'd like to thank Deliverance very much for a much needed Thursday lunchtime pep-up. We shared burgers around Burger Me! towers to much nomming and lip-smacking. Deliverance can wing their takeaway offerings to various parts of london - check their website for full details.

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  1. Hamburgers are good from there - if a little on the cold side, but I had a chicken burger (not periperi) from there the other day and was really disappointed. Firstly there was not very much chicken (and I didn't want the bun anyway so not a great meal) and secondly, what chicken there was, was over seasoned with dry herbs.  Have to say on the whole I am a Deliverence fan, but that meal was not good.


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