Sunday 22 February 2015

[Burger News] Bleecker St. Burger launch permanent home in Old Spitalfields Market

Hey, burger lovers - here's comes THE burger news of the month.

On Thursday 26th February 2015 Bleecker St Burger will open their first permanent London home for their own brand of unfussy burgers.

Located in the Pavilion Building in the north western corner of Old Spitalfields Market, the new Bleecker Burger unit will be serving the same range of burgers they sell from the truck as well as their hand cut fries, but they’ve expanded their offering to include a range of milkshakes – having created their own soft serve ice cream as the base – and craft beers Brooklyn Lager and Lagunitas IPA on tap, with a rotating selection of American canned craft beers.

I recently interviewed Zan Kauffman, the loud mouthed American founder, on her burger philosophy and burger business – you can read the full interview here.

If you’re a Bleecker Burger fan, you’ll know that you can ALWAYS get your fix of Bleecker at Old Spitalfields market…and if you haven’t yet been, then I suggest you get your ass over there sharpish to experience one of London’s best burgers.


  1. Dave Hemming23 February, 2015

    Had a burger from their van a couple of times while passing through the market - the only memories I have of it are "small" and "bland". I have no idea how it got 9/10. Mileage varies, I guess.

  2. Got to admit, that looks good, but there's not much chance of me getting to try one as i'm up in Durham


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