Saturday 15 November 2014

MEATMarket: The Super Fatty Patty burger

I'm late to this party. But I'd like to think I'm fashionably late. Let me introduce you to a burger created by Ross Shonan from BoneDaddies in collaboration with MEATMarket - the Super Fatty Patty.

I'll be honest, it's one helluva burger and, aside from the 'dirty burger' style of delivery, it's unlike any other burger on the MEATMarket menu.
The Super Fatty Patty is the current special on the menu at MEATMarket, but also across the rest of the London MEAT... restaurants, and it's a straight up, umami-laden beast.
The burger delivers two bone marrow heavy chopped steak patties overlaid with a host of Japanese flavours. The black soy sauce looking stuff that's splattered across the greaseproof paper is a lemon ponzu which delivers the savoury of soy with a hit of tart citrus. The rest of the acidity in the burger is delivered by the bright pink pickled strips of onion, which add a great crunch along with the mizuna leaves.

The importance of acidity in this burger cannot be understated - the bone marrow laden patties also have some extra fat chopped into them, probably the reason it's called the Super Fatty Patty - but in spite of this, with careful saucing, the burger is beautifully balanced. The patties are cooked perfectly pink, too.

There's also another soy sauce based condiment covering this burger, Yakiniku sauce, a sort of post-cooking bbq-style marinade - I couldn't begin to tell you what it was composed of, but it adds a subtle sweetness to the burger and enhances it Eastern credentials.
The final pleasurable joy this burger brings is in the form of a sunny side up fried egg nestling in the middle of the ensemble, the centre of which bursts at the first squeeze and dribbles...well everywhere. I mopped the puddle of yolk that had formed in front of me up with the last mouthful of beef and bun  and slipped into a glorious burger coma.

I'm pretty sure this burger won't be for everyone - it's a far cry from the mustard and pickle-charged Dead Hippie - but if you want a bit more adventure I'd urge you to try it.

The burger is on the menu for £9.95, and £1 from every burger goes to Kid's Company. It's available for another week across the MeatLiquor/Market/Mission estate until 23 November 2014. I had this one in MEATMarket.

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