Friday 10 October 2014

The Burger Democracy - voting for the best burger in London

Andy Shora is a developer at a Digital Agency in London, and has seen his fair share of arguments at work, and further afield, over which burger can be given the accolade of "Best in London". So he built an app to democratize the debate: The City Awards, London.

Andy: " I wanted to put all these opinions together, only taking into account people's number one choice, and having got frustrated with the traditional mass-review-style sites, I wanted to build something really fun to use which would be quick and easy for customers sitting at burger joints to vote for their favourite."

So it's a burger democracy - ultimately with the aim being to build a map of London's favourite places, voted for by the people who live there. It's been built to be mobile and touch-friendly, so you can still use it with a greasy screen...I know I get carried away sometimes.

Andy's favourite is Patty & Bun, who are topping the charts at the moment - so if you agree or disagree - get voting! At the end of the year the winning venue will be presented with a physical trophy which they can show off with pride!

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