Thursday 6 March 2014

Build-a-Burger gummy sweets get the Hamburger Me! treatment

Let it not be said that I only give you unadulterated meaty burger porn on this blog. Although, granted there's a fair bit of that. I do sometimes look at burgery stuff that doesn't revolve around grilled meat, gooey cheese, and squishy buns...and this is just such an occasion.  
Only natural flavours and colours go into the burger components...that's a good start

I'd noticed a while ago that Sainsbury's had created a range of soft gummy sweets loosely wrapped around a burger theme, much the same as Zap Sweets do, and as I was bored one rainy Sunday afternoon, I set myself to the task of seeing if the Sainsbury's build-a-burger sweets would give me the building blocks of a reasonable burger. 

So here goes...
The gummy buns score highly for squashability, but the malformed tops could have been better executed. 
The classic burger stands up well and is delivered in good proportion.
Build-a-Burger offers fun for the whole family. Pick and choose your own toppings from lettuce, ketchup, and bacon and cheese (I presume).
I attained the pinnacle of the Build-a-Burger world, I call it 'The Works'. Shame about the phallic shadow...

The cut-through, however, leaves me cold. Sadly this burger, in spite of its gummy, sugary promise is incredibly unstable, and seconds after revealing its inners to the world, it collapses.
So what is left to say about the Build-a-burger. 
  • They'll never make the Burger Me! Best Burgers in London list.
  • The components are tasty, but a lot is left to be desired when it comes to the presentation
  • The buns are eminently squishable but due to elasticity, bounce back into shape, this is both satisfying and frustrating at the same time
  • The smaller the burger, the more stability you have in the build
  • Back lighting 'The Works' burger results in a rather amusing shadow
  • Even with a small burger, the cut-through renders the whole combination completely unstable
They are, however, tasty sweets, and I see them as a toddler's introduction to the art of the burger, in safe and controlled surroundings. Now, I'm just waiting for M&S to bring out their build-a-burger sweets...

And if you want to order a big bag of super mini-burgers, Zap Sweets are offering 80 gummy burger in a bag - so go check them out!

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