Friday 21 February 2014

Burger Fest 2014, 15 March, Hackney Downs Studios

The folks over at TwentySomethingLondon have put together BURGER FEST 2014, which brings together five burger joints for one day only - 15th March 2014 - under one roof, at Hackney Downs Studios.
BurgerFEST 2014

Following the sold out success of  their Riverboat Food Fest last year, you can expect to prepare yourselves for a jam-packed day of bun-based business, beer and beats all with a keen eye on the meat-centric concoction of the gods - the burger (obvs). Hosted with TSLs friends at Hackney Downs Studios and Offbeat running the bar, they'll be transforming the space into a massive living room including sofas, board games, music and all.

First release tickets are £30 (second release £35) and will get you 5 half burgers, a Bacon & Maple Syrup cupcake (or a veggie option) with a side of Vanilla Cookie Fries for dessert from Cupcakes and Shhht, plus, if you arrive before 17:30, a free bottle of Brew Dog beer.

Live DJs from Stamp The Wax and Young & Lost Club are playing throughout the day, and they have a bar and burgers served from 15:30 till 23.30.

Also, TSL have got Uber sorting out your travel. Uber will be giving EVERYONE, yep including existing users, 50% off their cab ride on the night. The code will only work if you are travelling to or from the venue.

Read on for more info on what, where, when, and how it all came about!

1. First release price £30 *SOLD OUT*
2. Second release price £35

Line up:

Cupcakes and Shhht:   will offer a choice of a Bacon and Maple Syrup cupcake (vegetarian available) with a side of Vanilla Cookie Fries.

Get your tickets here:


  1. This sounds awesome!

    Just out of curiosity... do you make your own burgers? If you want a delariously delicious yet really simple homemade burger recipe check out my blog

  2. 30 mins queue for each burger house, )35 pound a ticket? I make that 2 and a half hours... Ridiculous! Biggest rip off ever.


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