Sunday 8 December 2013

[Guest Review] Chosen Bun Burger Delivery, Fulham Road, Fulham

From time to time, I invite trusted guest reviewers to sample burgers that I am unable to reach - and guest reviewer Monty is no exception.
The Viking Burger from Chosen Bun
The Viking Burger from Chosen Bun
As a resident of Fulham, Monty is best placed to review the services of home delivery burger purveyor Chosen Bun.


Ordered online through the website. Simple and easy to do – clearly set out website with the beauty of a small selection of products preventing you from getting lost in decision making!

3 beef patty burgers (plain, cheese and cheese and bacon) with a tasty looking chicken option which I shall have at some point and an interesting one for the veggies – mushroom and edemame patty - intriguing!

I went for The Viking (the cheeseburger).

Good selection of sides – I didn’t have any as was on the verge of being greedy but next time I shall try the Mark and Cheese Bites (mac and cheese bites – sounds awesome) and the broccoli and Jazemame Slaw! Again, a small and interesting selection.

Was very impressed that they offer milkshakes – the vanilla, caramel and rum will be on the agenda in future. They also supply wine by the bottle. All in all, you could create the perfect night in!

Overall, they seem to have selected the 'best bits' if you like from the current burger establishments and pulled them together with a unique twist. A clever and easy win.

Ordered and paid online. It didn’t specify delivery time (we usually wait an hour for local takeaways) – so you can imagine my surprise when the door knocked less than 15 minutes later! Instant gratification!

Are you the Chosen Bun?
Are you the Chosen Bun?
It is a clever system. Nice and neat with their patented cylindrical tower that encases the burger. Not sure how it works but it was certainly warm when it arrived and the bun was in no way soggy. Perfect.

It arrived neat and tidy – just how I like my food! Immediately impressed with the branded C in the top of the bun – a nice detail. 

The bun was fresh and soft – I think it is a semi brioche which was nice as I like a classic soft floury bun but not mad on the 100% brioche as I find them to dry. This struck a median point so  thumbs up. It travelled well and was in no way soggy as I would have anticipated. Also no grease whatsoever. The card beneath was clean and dry.
Chosen Bun Viking burger
Chosen Bun Viking burger
The patty was a good size, nice and thick and again tasted fresh. Juicy and the right amount of pink. My only negative – it could have done with a bit of seasoning as it tasted a little plain.

The cheese was excellent – oozing and gooey and a good amount – not too much, not too little.

The lettuce was crisp – can't stand soggy lettuce so this went well. 

The general sauceyness was good – gave a good simple and clean flavour – giving you sheer satisfaction of a good cheese burger – nothing too overpowering.

  • Will I have another?  - Yes.
  • Will I amend the order? - Yes – I'll try the Shoveman (with bacon and Shoveman sauce whatever that is!) with some sides and if feeling really gluttonous, a milkshake.
  • Will I recommend to friends? YES.
  • Could this get out of hand? - Oh yes.


Monty was certainly intrigued by the delicious meaty smell and enjoyed the texture of the delivery bag, and played with it for 5 minutes.
45% of the internet is cats. 50% Porn. 5% burgers...
45% of the internet is cats. The other 55% is porn and burgers...

So overall a good experience for Monty from Chosen Bun. Now I just need to buy a flat in Fulham and order burger takeaway, or wait until Chosen Bun starts delivering further afield...guys?

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