Saturday 9 November 2013

Hamburger Gourmet competition winners

As you know those lovely folks at Murdoch Books, publishers of the English translation of Hamburger Gourmet, have sent me three copies of the book to give away. This fantastic prize coincides with the UK release of the book, the contents of which I wrote about here:

Hamburger Gourmet inside cover image

Here are the entries:
@burgerawayday's study in felt tip

Chris Stott's triple patty outline 

@Chrislm86's burger collage, modelled by his long suffering girlfriend

@Fevis's line burger

@PovoasCraig's  'two slow' 
@Joelgherkin's study of a Breddo's Slider
@Michaeljosem's 'wear it' burger tee
@steampie's lifecycle of a burger
@willyumscouk mashup in pencil and paint

And the winners are:


I'll be in touch with you all shortly.


Of course you're all winners as you can get your own copy of Hamburger Gourmet for just £10.34 on Amazon.

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