Sunday 16 June 2013

[Burger Factfile] Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas: Burgers of the World

This month, we're starting a series on some of the most famous burger joints around the world, whose influence transcend national borders and appeal internationally.

Octuple bypass burger from Heart Attack Grill

To kick off, we give you the low down on the Heart Attack Grill.

What is it?
The Heart Attack Grill is a Las Vegas burger joint themed around a heart surgery hospital ward. All the waitresses are dressed as sexy nurses, you get given a hospital gown to eat in, the booze comes in prescription bottles, and if you weigh over 350lbs you get to eat for free. Gillian McKeith would HATE it.

Where is it?
450 Freemont Street, Las Vegas, NV89101

Has anyone actually had a heart attack there?
Unsurprisingly, yes. There have been two heart attacks there in recent years, the first in 2012 when 575lb Blair River - the restaurant's unofficial spokesman and long time patron dies, and more recently in February 2013, when security guard John Alleman (weighing a modest at 180lb) collapsed outside the joint.

What's their signature burger?
The octuple bypass. A huge stack of eight patties topped with cheese, onion, tomato, and chilli. It comes in at a whopping 10,000 calories, and will cost you $22. Add 50 slices of bacon for an extra $7!

What else is on the menu?
FlatLiner Fries cooked in pure lard.
Butterfat shakes made with high cream ice cream.
Adrenaline syringe to restart your heart.

Can I get this in the UK?
No. Heart Attack Grill is solely in the US, but if you want a London version of the octuple bypass, you can try MotherFlipper or BurgerBear, both contenders for the biggest burger in London

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  1. Manuel Valle24 July, 2013

    It's a fun place, but I thought the burger was pretty subpar if I can be honest. The fun is in going there, putting on the hospital gowns, etc, but as far as taste, there is definitely better in Vegas.


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