Thursday 25 April 2013

[Special] Honest Burgers launch special American Cheeseburger

Honest Burgers, the British burger stalwart with outposts in Soho and Brixton Market have come up with a cracking special burger for the next month.
Honest Burgers American Special
Honest Burgers American Special
Moving away from their usual championing of the British-style burger, Chef Tom and his team have created a nostalgic American cheeseburger masterpiece.


Honest American Cheeseburger with rosemary fries - £10. Take-away.


A packed lunch fit for a king (or maybe The King). Cheeky melted cheese poking out from under it's brioche bun. Crunchy fries nestled up against the burger in its box and (joy!) sticking into the thick cheese! This is a box of pure, unadulterated pleasure. 

Cheeky cheese on the Honest Burgers American Cheeseburger
Cheeky cheese on the Honest Burgers American Cheeseburger


Topped with a melted blanket of American cheese and tailed with burger sauce, French's mustard, dill pickles, red onion, and lettuce, everything is designed to deliver a punch of classic Americana.  And it's awesome.
American Cheeseburger - Honest Burgers-style
American Cheeseburger - Honest Burgers-style


The classic honest patty cooked beautifully med-rare and literally oozing with juice. The beef is better salted that my last review, and is complemented by the French's and mustard-y burger sauce. I had to resist smacking my lips, but let out a low moan which brought some odd looks from other punters eating in the sunshine in Soho Square. So, so good. 
The Honest Burger American cheeseburger bite-through
The Honest bite-through
It's all in the detail - check out the Maillard reaction caramalising the meat in the top left corner of the patty. Yum.


Standard brioche. Excellent.


Rosemary salted fries. Excellent. 


The Honest American Cheeseburger is a stunning burger. It's all nostalgia, comfort and mustard mayonnaise and you NEED to have one before they finish. 

This is a special that's rolling for a month until 21 May 2013, and will be available at both Honest sites in Soho and Brixton

Oh, and I love Soho for signs like this - found directly opposite Honest Burgers.
This is not a brothel. There are no prostitutes at this address.
I love Soho.

Square Meal

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  1. Sweet meaty jesus. That's Saturday afternoon sorted.

  2. How can cheese be cheeky if it's an integral part of the burger? Why would they only do this for a month? Sounds like it should always be on the menu.


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