Wednesday 5 December 2012

Disco Bistro French Dipped Steak Burger at The Rising Sun, Carter Lane, EC4V 5DY

Disco Bistro EC4, in The Rising Sun on Carter Lane is another in the well trodden path of pub residencies. Other burger joints have done the same - FattBurger in Soho, Burger Breakout on New Oxford St (neither worth share of your wallet), and previously Patty & Bun in The Endurance, which has now gone permanent.
Disco Bistro EC4 French Dipped Steak Burger
Disco Bistro EC4 French Dipped Steak Burger
As it happens, Disco Bistro is pretty convenient for me on a lunchtime, and following rave reviews from their BurgerMonday offering, I thought it was well worth heading down for a lunchtime burger to see what the fuss was about.


Disco Burger (french dipped steak burger, with smoked bacon, cheese, and crinkle cut fries) - £9.50
French dipped Disco Bistro burger
Oooh, shiny. French dipped Disco Bistro burger


The Disco Bistro burgers are presented old school plastic 'chicken-in-a-basket' style, complete with greaseproof paper and pile of serviettes. No superfluous cutlery here. The burger displays oozing cheese and a nicely charred patty, wrapped in toasted bun. Table accessories include French's mustard and Heinz ketchup. So far, so good.
It's french dip sir, but not as we know it.
It's french dip sir, but not as we know it.


The Disco burger toppings are twists on classics. The cheese is not sliced and melted, but actually a cheese sauce...and it's bloody lovely - reminiscent of mac 'n' cheese - but IN YOUR BURGER. Underneath the patty is the now ubiquitous bed of lettuce (coined the 'Fred Bed' by Ian (@grobelaar) after the infamous chef Fred Smith), which in turn covers a stunning layer of bone-marrow-heavy french dip. In fact the only aspect of this burger that didn't turn up is the bacon. On it's own, it has form, but added into the burger it's lost and I found it hard to pick it our from the rest of the top notch ingredients.

Disco Bistro burger bite-through
Disco Bistro burger bite-through


Excellent. The patty in the Disco Burger is a 40-day aged mix of short rib, chuck, brisket & bone marrow from Philip Warren & Son, Cornwalllovingly worked together into patty form - but importantly not overworked - it was loosely packed, super juicy and incredibly tasty. Mine was cooked perfectly medium-rare (they offer it MR or WD). And the seasoning was spot on. A very good effort, and perfect composition with other toppings (bacon excluded).
mmm...french dip baby.
mmm...french dip baby.


Excellent. Soft, robust, toasted and fresh brioche style buns. The buns are made specially for Disco Bistro and shipped in fresh daily - a great 1/2 brioche, 1/2 sourdough offering that squishes nicely and takes some brutal juice while negating the need to resort to cutlery.


Ending up with a pool of french dip in the bottom of the basket is not a bad side-effect of eating a Disco Bistro burger, but mopping up said french dip with crinkle cut fries is, frankly, heavenly. My one comment is they could be crispier and fluffier. 

Overall rating: 9/10

I'm really impressed with this burger. It felt slightly wrong, eating something this good whilst sat in the surrounds of a proper London boozer, but settle yourself in by the fire, get yourself a pint, and get your chops around french dip. 

Disco Bistro is currently residing in The Rising Sun pub on Carter Lane, and as well as the Trashy Bar downstairs, it also has a posher restaurant upstairs which you'll need to book to get in. 

Disco Bistro EC4
The Rising Sun Pub
61 Carter Lane


  1. Excellent burger, but it actually costs £14 not £9.50. A pretty big hit to the wallet!

  2. I think they have a different price in the restaurant upstairs to the pub downstairs - was definitely £9.50 when I had it...

  3. shame the service up stairs is so bloody awful and rude. Never going back. Ever.

  4. And try to avoid all-you-can-eat buffets, which can really test your self-control!


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