Friday 29 June 2012

London Burger Roundup #2: Mother Flipper, The Stag

Today's London Burger Roundup features a cracking Mother Flipper burger, and some action from The Stag in Hampstead:

Submitted by: Will Yates
Burger: Double candy bacon cheese & chilli with @egg_boss egg & @theribman #holymotherofgod hot sauce
Location: Mother flipper on Eat Street and Brockley Market

Submitted by: Lady Rhubarb
Burger: Cheeseburger
What did you think?: The Stag in Hampstead have created cheeseburger perfection. A succulent beef patty, slice of tasty melted cheese, crunchy pickle, lettuce and some caramelised onions are encased in a sweet, lightly toasted bun. It doesn't get better than this, except that the fries are bloody good too.

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