Wednesday 7 March 2012

The Darth Vader Burger from French Fast Food Chain 'Quick'

Burger Me!: Occasionally, very occasionally I entertain guest bloggers on the site. If they share the same taste and outlook as me, if they ask REALLY nicely, or in the case of what I am about to share, if they are bloggin about something a bit cool, and something a bit different.

Here is a review from a great friend living in France, Cyrano de Burgerac (no relation to intrepid burger detective Burgerac!), including his pictures of the Darth Vader Burger experience.

The original Dark Vador Burger advert from the Quick website

CdB: The Darth Vader burger, from Quick in France, is part of the special STAR WARS series which has been running since early February. This particular Darth Vader sandwich was only available between 2-5 March 2012, so it took some timing not to miss it!

I went for the burger with the Eur 7.40 (about £6) menu.
Dark Vador Burger box and promotional flyer
First peek at the Dark Vador burger and it's black bun
The packaging and the visual impact of the burger were particularly attractive and original, at least well into the Star Wars theme. You can't deny it's a nice looking package.
Luke, I am your burger. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Packaging looks aside, inevitably the burger was never going to look like the ads, and certainly the taste didn't live up to expectations. The burger was nothing special, except a super "spicy" or rather peppery sauce, but which lent no value to the ensemble at all.
A Darth Vader burger in it's brooding glory
The burger is composed of thin beef patties, a slice of american cheese and salad... as in any burger, and the only difference in the bread was black, but the taste is no different from any other Quick burger bun.
Darth Vader burger reminiscing about that final scene on the Death Star where he says goodbye to Luke.
So in summary, I am disappointed.

Burger Me: Thanks, Cyrano, for that frank and very French account of the 'Quick' Dark Vador burger. Doesn't the bun look like the burnt marshmallow goo from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in  Ghostbusters...or is it just me? 


  1. I've never seen such a huge difference between the promo shot and the actual result before. It actually looks pretty gross but then again I'm a McDonalds boy!

  2. What Paul said, quite a shocking difference between the promo and the real. There always is some, but that's a bit OTT. Did the bun taste normal or did the amount of colouring come through in the taste?

  3. Indeed, a very huge difference!! Despite its special colour, the bun had no different taste compared to other Quick burger.

  4. It was pretty gross!! I bought it at 6.30pm, far from being the peak time in French restaurants! I was just one of the three clients they had to serve and had all time to serve it. Can't imagine what it would have looked like if I had come one hour later!

  5. Odoardo Mendoza14 April, 2012

    Hahahahahaha I want one!

  6. Vision TV Network29 May, 2012

    Tele France and Vision TV Network teamed up to give you a great competition:


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