Tuesday 10 January 2012

Burger Me! Calling Cards from Moo.com

Those lovely people at Moo have come up trumps with some spanking blogging cards. The packs feature a number of designs from across the Burger Me! blog, and a couple that you'll be seeing cropping up soon. And did I mention they're awesome.

So now, I'll have a little something to leave behind when on the search for the Best Burgers in London. If you're a restaurant and you're serving burgers, you may see one of these in the near future.

In fact, they're so awesome, I took a picture to demonstrate their awesomeness:

Some other things I like about Moo.
  1. They do a small number of products, and do them bloody well
  2. The user interface is brilliant
  3. Their upload and design tool is excellent
Now, as they're a great bunch, they've also given me an affiliate link to give you 10% off your first Moo purchase - it also means I get 10% off my next set of blogging cards - so everyone's a Meat Winner!
If you want to find out more, simply follow this link: 

1 comment:

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