Friday 9 September 2011

6/10 - BOOM, The Fast Fresh Burger Co. - Leather Lane, Hatton Garden.

BOOM is a burger van, situated on a pitch just along from Daddy Donkey on Leather Lane. On a recommendation from a friend, I headed down on a Friday lunchtime to give the Boom burger a Burger Me! once over.

BOOM, The Fast Fresh Burger Co. on wheels
Their menu - burgers for £4.50, what is there not to like!

Some burger patties sizzling on the griddle in the background
Cheese melting under cloche at the back of the BOOM wagon, buns toasting on the front hot plate
A caged bacon, cheeseburger.
Topping Tsunami (but generous bacon!)
A meaty, cheesy, bacony BOOM burger.
The bite-through shows a fine ground, pre-seasoned beef patty
Overall rating: 6/10
As street food goes it's not fancy, but it is fresh, and the flat griddled patties charred on the outside, complete with cloche steamed cheese is a tried and tested technique. I think if anything it's the seasoning of the meat that lets this down. Sure it's filling and tasty, but the quality and mouth-feel of the beef is not a patch the kind of quality you get from the Meatwagon, for only £1.50 more. It fills a gap, but I actually preferred my second lunch today, my Daddy Donkey Burrito!

Kick ass. A Daddy D burrito.


  1. Ah well. Thanks for the review, Nick. I work about a 2 minute walk from here but have always swerved the burger despite my curiosity -- probably because I generally end up going to Daddy D's or the Felafel King.

    I'm sure I'll try it eventually, but your review pretty much summed up my entirely unscientific analysis performed by walking slowly by the van.


  2. I had the chicken burger this afternoon with chili relish, jalapenos, mayonnaise, fried onion rings and lettuce.

    I would say it's one of the best chicken burgers I've ever had. I was thinking of giving it 9 out 10 but I wondered where the other point went - so I'm giving it 10 out of 10.

    Plenty of it, well priced, friendly staff.

  3. Thanks for posting folks!

    Steampie - I love Daddy D!

    Steve Macrie - I'll have to defer to you on the chicken burger. If it ain't beef I have little to no experience/interest in it! I agree with you on the friendly staff and price point - when I was there the chef was grilling his socks off.

  4. Chiraag G16 May, 2013

    It's gone downhill. Was ace in the middle around early 2012. The liquid cheese has also been replaced by slices which means it's less messy but also less indulgent, and the prices have gone up whilst the meat isn't as impressive as it once was. Chips lost their skin I think also. Not sure if a one off or genuine change. Agree with Steve on the chicken burger - as it was before! It used to be great, one of the best around. Now surpassed by places like Meat Mission whilst this vendor suffers.

  5. Tried it today - awful. The 'skin on chips' were stone cold, i opted out of any garnish as the lettuce looked well past it, the onions weren't so much fried as looking like they'd been boiled, and the tomato which i foolishly agreed to just soggified the red leicester 'cheese', which tasted like the processed stuff you get from the off licence. Meat was just eh. No taste at all. The bread roll topped it all off as a bit stale, and not really the nicest bread to start with. Won't be going back.


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