Thursday 9 June 2011

An audience with some burgers from ELSCo.

This post will be short on text, and large on #burgerporn, as it involves so mouthwatering shots of some very delicious East London Steak Co. burgers, along with some other complementary ingredients.

The burgers ordered were supposed to be Gray's Inn burgers, from the very excellent #burgermonday event with Richard Turner, however I clearly hit crossover weekend when I ordered, and these were Spitalfields burgers (a blend of Prime Rib, Short Rib, and Rib Cap). I also ordered some Black Label burgers, 1.7kg rolled topside, and some steak rub.

What follows is a pictorial story of the evening's cuisine...

ELSCo. Steak rub, and their beautifully branded box

Deli Montery Jack and sliced gherkins (and a cheeky claret in the background)

John Cadieux (Goodman) style buns

The preparation, pre-cooking

Sizzle, sizzle...

Mmm...melted cheese!
The finished products!



So the finished product was a spitalfields burger, steak-rubbed, topped with melted Montery Jack cheese, with a homemade thousand-isle dressing style burger sauce spread on freshly baked sourdough brioche buns...stonking!

A couple of learning points that I'll get right next time:
  • Buns need more time to proof, and oven needs to be a bit hotter
  • Don't cook for quite as long, as these were medium, rather than med-rare/rare
Still, good excuse to give it another go...!


Just as an addendum, I tried the ELSCo Dexter burgers a couple of nights later with bacon and montery jack - here are a couple of piccies to show the love!

Bacon cheeseburgers anyone...!

Rare dexter in a Waitrose large white bap...sooooooooo good!

I don't want this to end!


  1. Nice job mate, you should get some cheese from Neils Yard in borough market or Covent Garden.

  2. Victory is yours sir!

  3. A fine effort, sir - I doff my hat in your general direction! Love that you baked your own buns. I wish i'd done that when I BBQ'd a batch of Grays Inn burgers a few weeks ago. The shop-bought bread buns I got let the side down big time. Never again!


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