Friday 15 April 2011

#MTT: How Meat Three Thursday became Meat Two Thursday

That's right, sadly it's true. The legend of Meat Three Thursday became the slightly less impressive legend of Meat Two Thursday.

There are a whole catalogue of reasons why I didn't make it through #MTT with three meaty meals, and it's a story of dashed dreams, broken promises, and thoughts of what could have been. To recap, the plan was to have three, meat-orientated meals, in the city of London on Thursday 31 March.

The venues chosen were:
  • Breakfast: Smith of Smithfields (ground floor)
  • Lunch: Goodman, City (near Bank)
  • Dinner: Hawksmoor Seven Dials (Covent Garden)
And I had a good showing of people joining me for the ride - 8 for brekkie, six for lunch and five for dinner.

So breakfast went to plan at Smith's, and as you'd expect, was fabulous! Lunch went ahead also, with my first visit to Goodman and, sat by the meat aging room, the experience was first class, from the presentation of the meat down to the serving of a 9/10 rated burger. Dinner, sadly, was where the delicate house of cards tumbled to the ground, as I'd left it too late to book Hawksmoor, and all the tables were booked up for almost a week! So, undeterred, I switched at the last minute to another joint that I'd never been too, The Rivington Grill, and they had a table for 5. Sadly my dinner guests all pulled out before lunch, and having finished up at Goodman around 3pm, my 7pm reservation was feeling optimistic, and sure enough, totally stuffed, I decided that I would chalk the day up to training.

MTT will rise again another day, but perhaps with more time between the meat!

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  1. Perhaps your next attempt should include a #BurgerMonday :)


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