Friday 11 March 2011

Meat Three Thursday (#MTT): A meaty adventure in the City of London

The other day I came up with a proposition that may polarise opinion to the same degree as that famous black and yellow yeast-based spread.

The concept is simple, Meat Three Thursday (#MTT). The aim will be to have three meaty meals in the city of London on Thursday 31 March, an adventure I dreamt up a couple of nights ago (yes, I dream of meat)...

The plan is to visit three London restaurants over the course of one day. One breakfast. One lunch. One dinner. The theme being meat. However in the interests of diversity, you can opt for the vegetarian option if you'd like...but please don't associate yourself with the meat eating party.

The planned meat shrines are as follows:

Smith of Smithfields
Meaty full breakfast with Old Spot pork sausages, bacon, black pudding and the rest of the breakfast works.

Goodman (Cheapside)
Indulgent burger lunch with all the trimmings.

Hawksmoor (Seven Dials)
Dinner in THE meat shrine - any meat goes (I'll be having the Kimichi Burger!)

As you are no doubt fully aware, all three are carefully chosen as highly recommend places to eat meat in the city, and the latter two of the three I've never eaten in, which is good enough to get my vote.

Anyway, with my lengthy preamble out of the way, everyone is welcome to join me on this voyage of meaty discovery and I'd be very glad of the company! Feel free to attend one, some, or all of the suggested meals, and maybe I'll see you there...


  1. Not sure if you know this but Hawksmoor Spitalfields don't do burgers in the evening!!

  2. I wonder if I can get a MTT going to match this...of course, we're a bit ahead of you here, so I might do it to coincide by doing lunch-dinner-breafast combo. I say this because we have a traditional Friday breakfast meeting (meating?) anyway, so I may be able to work that in...


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