Thursday 3 February 2011

6/10 - Corney and Barrow, Paternoster Square, City of London

Location: Corney and Barrow is a well known city institution boasting a number of restaurant/bars across the square mile. Corney and Barrow, Paternoster Square branch is predominantly restaurant, and is populated with investment bankers and an army of black-clad waiting staff. 


No photo, sorry, but good presentation. Burger was presented 'bun off' with a thick tongue of bacon hanging out. Top of bun was decorated with some sliced pickle and a couple of red onion rings. Chips and mixed leaf salad filled out the rest of the plate.

Bacon and Cheese. Good sized chunk of bacon, although slightly undercooked (too pink for my liking - who's heard of rare pork?!) Cheese was melted and nicely mature and salty. Add some sliced pickle and a couple of rings of red onion

Brioche. Really? While a bit of sugar helps make fast food joint burgers palatable, why oh why would you inflict this on a wonderful rare-breed beef patty. While this blog makes no apologies for reflecting the views of its author, surely you must agree ...bun fail.

Gooood. As you'd expect for £13.50, the meat came out rare, juicy and flavoursome, a touch of juice dripping from the patty as I lifted it off the plate. Two words - meat win!

Plate Accessories:
Chips, couldn't finish them (they were not good). Salad, drowned in dressing so left that too - luckily the burger filled me up!

Overall rating: 6/10

To summarise the above for Corney and Barrow, Paternoster Square, it comes down to a great quality, handmade beef patty sadly let down by the poor pairing of a brioche bun, tasteless chips and oily salad. My dining partner plumped for the lamb burger, and that had a bun I was envious of...
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